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The creation of images #ramble

Once again, it is Sunday morning and I share my thought with you. Not that much has been going on that I care to share. I’m not very good at sharing, I prefer to be alone a lot of the time. It’s easier to be alone sometimes, isn’t it? Then people can’t cause you stress or worry or whatever. I often find it easier to do my own thing too and if I make a mess of it I know who to blame! I try hard to work with others and accept collective decisions but it isn’t easy.  That’s why I like photography and the creation of images, it’s just me and my camera, unless I decide to point it at people…

creation of images


I’ve been thinking a lot about patterns, because we have this innate ability to recognise patterns, as do all animals. We recognise those emoticons as smiley faces because the ability to recognise faces is born in us. Pattern recognition helps us recognise who our parents are and it helps us recognise landmarks and find our way around. Even patterns in sound and touch are important. When sounds create a regular pattern, we call it music. Patterns are created as light and dark and that is what my camera looks for when it is focusing on the contrast between light and dark. In today’s picture we have interesting patterns, we have symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns.  Does this image elicit an emotional response? Advertisers do a lot of research into the subliminal effects of images. An image, even if it has no words attached to it conveys a message and by combining images and words we can send out powerful messages. This has been done for centuries but now we tend to be overloaded with imagery. To get our message across these days we have to understand the power of the subliminal message. We have to understand which colours are better, which patterns are better and now the message must be sublime.

Art and style

I’ve been thinking about art and style too, which is related to subliminal messages. The style of our dress can be a dark evil image or send out a subtly innocent message. It can be colourful and playful or it can be tough and threatening. We get to choose the image we project on the world with our clothing and our style. Art can be a projection in itself. The art we produce and the art that we own say something about us. There is a message in art too. It can be dark and depressing or it can be sophisticated and inspiring.


Words on a printed page obviously send out a message but when we combine them with visual images the message can be far more powerful. These images can be reassuring or they can be threatening. They can be inspiring or they can be bland and ineffectual. We choose the images and we choose which images we take notice of and which images are like all the images before them and ignore them. We filter out the banal and look for the useful images in our lives.

The creation of images

The creation of images is fascinating and this is what I like to do. The purpose of the message can be simply to say, look at this, it is beautiful. Sometimes, it can say visit this park, it is beautiful. Occasionally, I will highlight the ugliness and sometimes, I’m just saying look at this…

That’s all for this week. On Tuesday, my post will be about photography and the creation of images, as usual. If you would like to subscribe just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas, pictures and images on my Facebook page.

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