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The Earth, the sun and the moon

New moon

It’s a full moon tomorrow (22 July 2013) and so I might try for a good photograph. This was a once in a blue moon shot, so I don’t think I’ll get a better one. In the UK, if it’s a clear sky, which it’s forecast to be, you should see a quite bright moon in the west just after it comes up.

Just about everything we have, comes from the earth and the sun. We’re greedy, we can’t get enough. Some people are really greedy. They consume the earth’s resources without a second thought. Even when there are warnings that they’re running out; rather than conserve, they just compete for what’s left.

Most of our energy comes either from the earth in the form of fossil fuels or from the sun. Many scientists are looking to exploit the energy from the moon with experiments in tidal and wave power.

New and innovate ways to exploit the earth are being deployed. The latest one in many western countries in extracting gas and oil using ‘fracking’. The oil and the gas are running out and so maybe this new method will give us time to find alternatives, but I doubt it. The world shows no sign of cutting down on oil or gas. The overseas holidays and the love of the motor car goes on.

We now try to exploit space and maybe even other planets. Who knows what mankind might find in space to exploit? Intelligent life? We need to find it on earth first!

Smile with tongue out

We don’t seem to put a value on the really valuable. People are valuable, all of us. The young are enthusiastic, despite their lack of experience. The old have experience in buckets and wisdom too. Those in their middle years have a nice combination of both qualities, but not all of them are used or appreciated to the full. Young people are often written off because they lack wisdom; older people are written off because they lack enthusiasm. How much better society and communities would be if no one was written off. Many people who are disabled have  a lot of time on their hands and have had the time to become introspective and think a lot about societies problems. Has anyone asked what conclusions they have come to when thinking about societies ills? No, I don’t think so either. We’re all a bit too cynical, we write people off too easily.

Perhaps, we need to re-evaluate society. We need to acknowledge that all human beings are special even though some of them have problems. If everyone was treated better and we were a little slower to judge, maybe people would have more self respect and try harder to fit into society. We would have fewer social misfits like George Osborne and much more cohesion in society.

Smile with tongue out

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