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The end of an era #ramble

As usual, on a Sunday morning, I’m going to share my thoughts with you. I am late this morning I’ve been posting in our local history group on Facebook. I’m no longer an admin but I have been meaning to post some stuff about the railways coming to the end of an era with steam so I decided that would be my farewell to the history page. Its fate hasn’t been decided but I have to be prepared to move on, wherever that may be.


Town Hall

I was at the town hall yesterday photographing the fete. Someone said it wasn’t publicised enough. I wasn’t going to publicise it, I wanted a parking space! We have to look after number one sometimes.

End of an era

When one era comes to an end another one begins. What are my plans? Well, we have a photography festival next year which I will be involved in some way and despite my ill-health, I am still getting enquiries about my photography.


Our health has to be a priority doesn’t it? I saw a doctor this week and it seems I need a steroid injection to reduce the inflammation in my leg muscle. I’ll phone the hospital tomorrow and see if I can get the consultant to arrange one for me. The alternative will be to accept my disability and adjust to it. That will mean checking out disabled parking spaces, walking much slower than normal and using a walking stick. It could be worse, I’ve coped with worse challenges.

Sunday sunshine

Yes, we have sunshine so it will be an early lunch today and then I’m going to an event where I hope to get some interesting photos. I think I’ll use a long lens today so I don’t have to walk around too much! You can adapt to just about anything if you remain calm and remain positive. The light is a little harsh this morning so I think some close-up shots with a wide aperture will be the order of the day!

The History of Wednesbury Facebook page is coming to the end of an era. The trolls have crapped in the pool and even though we can clean it up and change the water it will never be the same again. Whether it continues with me or without me or for that matter continues at all isn’t my decision but it will never be the same. I can move on. It was influential but in reality, it is the people who do the work who have the influence, not the page itself. That won’t change.

I think I’ll end with some pictures. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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