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The epidemic in Britain is not over! #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? The weather! I want to go out and take photographs but it’s quite showery this morning. It will at least keep people from going to the beach! Restrictions on many small businesses will be lifted next Saturday but people are already taking that as a signal that the danger from the virus has passed. The epidemic in Britain is not over! The virus lies in wait for us.

The epidemic in Britain is not over

What are they not telling us?

I have wondered about the news. What are they not telling us? I get a distinct impression that deaths in care homes are being down-played. I haven’t heard of any deaths in care homes near me. In fact, getting any local information has been difficult. I now know that there have been 9 or 10 deaths in the council ward I live in. I suspect all of them were probably in the care homes.  Did the government and council fail to protect the most vulnerable?


My picture today is of a favourite beauty spot and one of the photos I took a couple of weeks ago. I think I’ll try to photograph streets and buildings in the next month or two. Wandering around taking photos will keep me busy and minimise any contact with people. Photography is something I will never get bored with.

2-metre distance

The 2-metre distance rule has been relaxed to 1-metre plus. Do the idiots crowding onto Britain’s beaches understand that? The messages need to be simple enough for a child to understand them. Maybe they need to be scary too? Covid-19 is an awful disease that can permanently damage the lungs. Hopefully, when they all rush to the pubs next weekend they can go into pubs gardens where the virus-transmission rate will be lower. We can expect a few spikes in the infection rate next week but how quickly will the government detect them and will they tell us?

The epidemic in Britain is not over

The epidemic in Britain is not over and our NHS is still poorly equipped to cope with it. Years of austerity weakened our NHS while tax cuts took priority over stock-piling PPE for our doctors and nurses. Our NHS staff have endured enough, we all need to try to stop the spread of the virus and aim to eradicate it. That means no overseas holiday, no trip to the beach, no going to raves and no large events. We need to put our health before the economy and before Tory tax cuts and nationalist idealism. Let’s eradicate the virus in Britain.

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