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The first day of Autumn


It is the first day of Autumn today. It’s the Autumn equinox today, when we have equal daylight hours to night time hours. We didn’t have much of a summer and I woke up this morning to see frost on my garden. You are probably thinking my photo is a nice Autumn picture. It was taken weeks ago!

You are lucky to be on average pay was yesterday’s post. Most people are lucky to be on average pay  of around £25,000 a year. The majority of people are on less, typically around £15,000 while the super-rich have millions a year. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t dodge their taxes. If you see someone wearing diamonds, swanning around in haute couture and a Rolls Royce. Ask yourself how they made the money and if they paid all their taxes.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer was Thursday’s post. Governments around the world, are printing more money. Are you getting your share of all that extra cash? The rich have got richer by around 15% over the past year. Did you?

How to begin to become a writer was my regular Wednesday post about writing. Everyone has to start somewhere and I hope that post gave you a few ideas. There are more opportunities these days. You can publish your own novel using services like Lulu, start a blog using WordPress or even have a website like this one! If you’re going to have a go at a website like this, spend the first year trying to think of a cool name! You could start by writing guest blogs, that’s what I did. I had an email from a writer this morning who is going to start submitting blogs for this site. It will help her learn about improving her writing and what it’s like to have her work edited. It is a good beginning on the road to being a writer. If you would like to write for a zillion ideas, why not have a go and send it to me at the email address in the sidebar?  If you take photographs and can add a photo to each blog that is even better. I think I might have started a trend with my photos!

Neodigital Art | Editing – Step by step was my usual Tuesday blog on Neodigital Art and photography. This week I edited a photo from a summer evening, step by step. The sun did shine a little this summer. In fact it’s shining as I write this. That’s sod’s law. I sit down to write in the morning and the sun comes out. I go out to take photographs in the afternoon and I get black clouds!

How to build better relationships was Monday’s psychology blog. We all need to get with people and if you can build better relationships, that can lead to a job promotion, more friends and less stress in life.

How retail design can boost your business was another excellent post from Fairy Dharawat. That post was delayed while I found a suitable photograph to go with it. I think I chose well! If you are running a small business or thinking of starting one, then the blogs by Fairy Dharawat are well worth reading. If you want to get into writing guest blogs too, they are examples worth looking at.

That was the six blogs I wrote for this site and I also did another six for my WordPress blog. I also edited that last guest post. I usually get out and take photographs, but haven’t been too well this week.  The weather forecast for Sunday, is heavy rain and so I’m not too hopeful that I’ll get any decent photographs this weekend either. I think we will soon be seeing Autumn colours here in England, while in the Southern hemisphere my friends will be welcoming in Spring. Apparently more babies are conceived in Spring; so be careful what you’re doing down under!

I don’t think I have a guest blog for tomorrow, but I’ll be back and will think of something! Please comment and click that Facebook like button; even share. I need more readers!

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