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The first day of spring #photography

It is the spring equinox today and so by tradition the first day of spring. Here in the Black Country, it is sunny and looking out of the window this morning I thought it was a cold light. A cold light has more blue in it and it is a blue sky today, in summer we get more red tones especially the last hour before the sun goes down. I did take a few photos last week and they looked quite cold with more blue than red tones.



There are subtle signs of spring in this picture but the blue tones make it look cold. It was actually the first time that I took off my coat outside because it was quite warm in the sun. I took a few pictures and decided on this one as the best image. Even though the sun gave me enough light it kept changing and so I shot at ISO 200. For a landscape shot like this you need a narrow aperture but my ‘subject’ is the trees on the opposite side of the pool so I didn’t need to go too narrow and decided on f/8. That gave me a shutter speed of 1/320 of a second for this shot. That was much faster than I needed but when it’s chilly a faster shutter is better because holding the camera still is more difficult.



I zoomed in for this shot and it is an acceptable shot but doesn’t seem as sharp. The trees don’t silhouette against the sky like in the first shot. The settings were the same so perhaps it was just the light that changed.


Geese and ducks

There is much more going on in this picture with the geese and ducks. Again, it looks cold and you can see pale blue tones in the picture. I think as spring gets underway we will see more red tones. Spring will also bring colourful floral displays of daffodils as well as wildflowers. Notice in this picture that the hedge is 1/3 from the top of the image, that gives it a nice composition where nothing is too dominant.

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