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The first review of December 2012

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The year is coming to an end. I have had a renewal notice for the web space for this site, it’s nearly a year old! It isn’t a resounding success yet, but the page views for each month are always a little more. Success breeds success and so there is still time to promote the site and get zillions of readers.

The nature of money was Friday’s finance blog. Money is not wealth it is a means to exchange wealth. If you own a house and have a thousand pounds in the bank, which would you insure against loss. The house of course, that is wealth. Many companies are cash rich now, as are the financial institutions. Companies should finance investment by issuing shares to shareholders, but they increasingly have to invest out of profits. We can still build houses, we can still make ships, we can still grow food; we can still produce wealth. The means to exchange that wealth is all being held by a few people and institutions. The world economy can’t function without the means to exchange the wealth we produce.

All I want for Christmas is a Nikon was my thoughts on the various types of camera. I still want a Nikon, but I’m open to offers…

Nostalgia and the 21st century was Wednesday’s blog. That was a bit of a midweek ramble.

Neodigital Art | PhotoScape editing was  about the artistic editing of your photographs using PhotoScape. I used fish-eye and zoom-blur in that post, but PhotoScape offers many more effects.

Psychology | Image was Monday’s psychology blog about the image we project both offline and online through social media and even emails. I went to a school reunion last night and was dressed differently to the others in a knitted hoody and jeans. I projected a younger image, I was younger than most of them, but perhaps more unorthodox too.

Save us from politicians and economists was my Sunday ramble. I tend to think they put the stupid people in charge of everything. They can’t use a screwdriver or change a light bulb, so they end up running the country.

I think David Cameron and Nick Clegg are both naive schoolboys, but I can’t attack them as people. I think they are basically honest, despite being naive. I liked Tony Blair too, although he tended to be even more naive. Gordon Brown, I didn’t like and I don’t think for all his talk of prudence that he really understood what he was doing. I suspect he had bad advisors. Margaret Thatcher was evil and so were her right wing supporters. She belongs in Room 101 together with payday loans, traffic calming, speed cameras, tattoos, false eyelashes, fake suntans, salt and vinegar crisps, Italian wine, urine flavoured lager, bankers, Jimmy Savile, raw celery, diarrhoea and embarrassing diseases. I cut that list short because of lack of space…

Please comment, especially if you have a room 101 suggestion.

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