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The four seasons #ramble #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. My arthritis flares up and then subsides when I take an anti-inflammatory. I got stuck in traffic on Wednesday trying to get to the food bank to make a donation and it happened again on Wednesday. On neither occasion was my engine warm in the car so the heater was cold. That triggered the arthritis. It is only Autumn now, what will I be like when winter comes? Out of the four seasons I don’t really have a favourite. I like the spring, I try to take snow pictures in winter, I like the autumn colours and of course the warmth of summer is good for my arthritis and other problems.  Whatever the weather we just have to get on with it…

four seasons

Four seasons

We are fast approaching the end of autumn. I am concerned about my hospital appointment next week but I’m also trying to prepare for Christmas. Getting shopping done and getting the house clean and tidy ready for Christmas will be difficult and even more difficult now I have a painful hip. I’ll just have to do things bit by bit.


I missed taking photos at the Christmas Lights switch-on for the second year but my health is more important. It is the lights that are important for the children and if done right can turn the town into a wonderland for them for a few weeks. There is so much deprivation in the town now that Christmas will be one big disappointment for many children. They will even miss out on seeing the Christmas lights. I want the switch-on early on a Saturday so the children see the switch-on and hear the music and then walk around the shops with their parents and see the lights. The occasion has been more for adults wanting to see  a TV star than for the kids in recent years.

Fairy Lights

You can have fairy lights that run on rechargeable batteries these days and even solar-powered ones. We have the technology with LEDs and new rechargeable batteries but the local traders are just not interested and the council is too centralised to do anything right. Out of the four seasons, winter is the hardest in more ways than one. It can be very hard on some of the children.

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