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The Frugal Diet | Fruit and veg


Most fruit and vegetables are high in fibre and vitamins and relatively low in calories. There is about 50 Kcal in a large apple, but 100 kcal in a large banana of the same weight (about 100 grams). There is more fibre weight for weight in the apple and less sugar. The same weight of grapes (100 grams) would have around 60 Kcal. The grapes contain more fructose (fruit sugar). Vegetables to choose are leafy vegetables rather than root vegetables. A baked potato is around 110 Kcal compared to only 15 kcal for the same weight of cabbage (100g). Mashed potato comes in slightly less than baked potato.

Food higher in calories are still useful in a calorie controlled diet, but choose a smaller baked potato or a smaller portion of mashed potato and more cabbage or whatever green vegetable you’re having. Peas are quite high at 60 Kcal per 100 grams and the ever popular salad is low with lettuce coming in at  13kcal for the same weight.

There is no real need to keep on counting the calories in your food if you cut down drastically on carbohydrates and fats. Even sandwiches can be part of your diet. A medium sliced piece of bread is 85 kcal, so just the bread for making a sandwich comes in at 170 kcal. You could choose a salad sandwich for lunch with a piece of fruit and still have a meal that’s below 250 kcal. It is better to add some protein though, it will stop you feeling hungry in the middle of the afternoon. You can add flavour to your sandwich by toasting it, then add some chicken, lettuce and tomato. That adds quite a lot of flavour and still keeps it at about 250 calories. If you aim at meals that are 250 – 300 calories, it shouldn’t be too difficult to stick to 1,000 calories a day.

The temptations are snacks, chocolate and alcohol amongst others. I watched a programme on TV last night about the digestive system and was amazed to see how big the stomach can expand when we eat. It expands and causes us to feel full. We do need to feel the sensation of having eaten enough, but if we eat too much for a long period, we just need more and more. We start to eat less and we adjust to that and need less food.

If you get hungry between meals, try fruit or something like celery rather than something that has a lot of calories. Even drinking water can  help you get to the next meal without snacking. I don’t need to lose weight and never have done. So how would I know what it’s like to stick to a diet or go hungry? I have stuck to  a medical diet for decades and when I was in hospital had to rest my digestive system. I went without food or water for a day and then was rationed with water and had no food at all for a week. Water is more important than food.

The temptation to eat is worse when you’re bored and so keep busy! There are more amazing blog on the home page. Please comment if you have questions. 

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