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10,000 years ago, our ancestors ate mostly roots and berries, but also eggs. Not chicken eggs like us but the eggs of water birds like ducks. There was no farming and many of the foods we eat today came later from overseas. Chickens from Asia; turkeys, potatoes and beans from the Americas. We find eggs easy to digest because our bodies are designed to eat them. We haven’t changed physically very much in the last 10,000 years. Some foods that we eat would be impossible to eat if they weren’t cooked. Many allergies and other problems with food appear to be the result of ‘modern’ foods. Dairy foods in particular seem to create problems and many people have allergies.

You can shop around for foods and have a low-fat, low carbohydrate and low-calorie diet without spending too much money. It will make following a diet more interesting too as you become more aware of what is in processed foods and make healthy choices. Some things like pizza aren’t even close to being ‘natural’ foods and are loaded with added fat, carbs and calories. A healthy salad is a lot more like what our ancestors would have eaten. You could even replace the lettuce with washed dandelion leaves to make it more authentic. Our ancestors would have eaten a lot of root vegetables and so why not add grated carrot to your salad for extra vitamin A? They would have also eaten shell-fish collected from the beach. These tend to be high in vitamins and low in fat and carbs. They taste good too. Our ancestors wouldn’t have had prawns, but they are close to what they would have eaten. Other things that are good to make a salad are things like crab that our ancestors might have eaten.

Once you make healthy eating a part of your life style, choose fresh over processed and home prepared over eating out; you start to save money and lose weight. You also feel healthier and look good. I had a leaflet through my door yesterday for the local fish and chip shop. The fish and chips are both coated in batter and so high in fat and carbs and for fish and chips, it cost nearly five pounds. I do oven chips and a piece of fish in the microwave and serve it up with frozen peas. it cost less than a pound, is relatively low-fat (sunflower) and is less than 250 calories. That meal is higher in calories than say a healthy salad made with canned sardines or prawns with lettuce, tomatoes, grated carrot, chopped apple and other yummy low-calorie ingredients; but you can add a few calories to at least one meal a day.

Look at healthy snacks in between meals like fruit. Our ancestors would have eaten berries on their travels. Maybe you can go foraging for berries? There are blackberries growing near my home in England, in summer. Who knows what else you might find? I saw elderberry trees full of flowers the other day, they will have berries soon.

You can also grow some things in  your garden or even in a tray on your windowsill to add flavours to your meals. You could grow herbs fairly easily but if you like salads through the summer and want to lose weight for your holidays, why not try growing lettuces and tomatoes. Other salad items like radishes and spring onions aren’t too difficult either.

If you adopt new thinking towards food, it becomes a change in lifestyle. Think about eating healthy and natural. Those large steaks might seem tempting, but our ancestors didn’t eat them and there is a lot of medical evidence to suggest our bodies can’t cope with that much red meat. We are more able to cope with poultry, leaves, roots and eggs.

I read that many young people don’t know that eggs come from chickens. They probably don’t know that beef comes from dead cows. There are some foods that you wouldn’t eat if you saw the whole production process from slaughter to manufacture. Would you eat cheese if you had to make it yourself?

I hope you have a few new ideas from today’s post. I fancy egg, a few chips and some peas for dinner. Very frugal, healthy and easy to digest.

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