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The golden hour #photography

Brunswick park near the golden hour

The golden hour in photography refers to the first hour of the day and the last hour of the day when the sun is low in the sky and the light is warmer and softer. I was a little early yesterday evening but the light was still good.

I took some pictures in Brunswick park and the light was quite warm. There are also dark shadows. I will be photographing an event there in June and wanted to think about what the light will be like at midday. The sun will be very high in the sky and it will be a harsh light and so I’ll consider using a warm filter. The sun will also be to the south and behind the trees and so for some shots, I will actually need to use a flash. I have two Speedlights, a small Nikon one and a large professional one which will be heavier to carry around so I have to choose between them. A little planning can make a shoot more successful. This event will not be repeated.


You have to be careful when the sun is low, although as we approach the golden hour the light is good, shooting towards the sun will give a very dark image. The careful use of focus points will get a better image.


I was shooting towards the sun with this shot and although shaded by the trees the direct light still affected the shot. It is always worth trying to see what you can do, though.


I took this shot on Sunday afternoon and it was much earlier. The light looked quite warm but comparing the shots now I can see it was a much cooler light. Maybe I won’t need the flash, but at midday will probably need a filter. I want some shots of the brass band in that bandstand.

Golden hour

On a sunny day when the light looks quite warm it can be difficult seeing just how harsh a light it can be especially close to midday. We also have to remember that the clocks are on BST in the summer. Try going out and seeing if your shots are warmer during that golden hour before sunset. You might even try getting up before dawn and catching that first golden hour of the day. No, I won’t be joining you…

Brunswick park in Wednesbury now has a Facebook page with more photos of our wonderful Victorian park. You can also find lots of photos on my Facebook page.

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