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The HS2 conspiracy

This week HS2 was given the go ahead sanctioning a new high speed rail line that will cut through the country from south to north destroying ancient woodland and communities in it’s path. Besides it’s cost which will probably be in excess of 100 billions, there are other lines being built and upgraded along the route to link up with High Speed 2. Huge amounts of government money will be spend which will follow on from a period of austerity that caused misery for the poorest in society. Is there a HS2 conspiracy to force the poorest in society to use public transport? All the planned new buses and cycle lanes suggests some kind of conspiracy to end the days of private motoring.

HS2 conspiracy

Middle classes

Will it be just the poorest in society that they expect to always use public transport or does this conspiracy extend to the middle class office worker? Will the HS2 conspiracy also discriminate against the disabled? Will the disabled have to give up their private cars and perhaps rely on taxi cabs?


The whole HS2 project has been described as a vanity project to cater to Boris’s huge ego but is it more than that? Is the real purpose to get us ordinary folks off the roads so the Eton and Oxbridge set can slide around the country in electric limousines?

HS2 conspiracy

Will this HS2 conspiracy be so audacious as to force everyone but the wealthy off the roads and onto public transport or cycles? What will they do next considering the time scale and how will they excuse the policies they must enact? It seems that climate change will be the excuse they could use to outlaw diesel vehicles closely followed by those that use petrol as a fuel. Will they increase the tax on fuel in the interim? That would be a logical first step to outlawing the internal combustion engine.


Part of the conspiracy relates to investment. We have to ask who will benefit financially from the huge investments. We have already seen costs spiral as construction companies begin to cash in. Will land owners also have their snouts in the trough?

It all sounds very dodgy but we mere mortals will just have to watch from the side lines and hope not to be in the way of this megalomanic plan.

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