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The important things in life. #life

The pandemic has made many people ask questions about the important things in life. Elderly people are most at risk and many have been missing their grandchildren. Many things, such as going to social events, have been suspended. Those social events seem less important now.

important things


I miss my conversations with my family. I can talk to them on the telephone but it doesn’t seem quite the same. I’ve started painting in watercolours and I can’t share that with them by telephone. I did take a photo of my first effort and posted it on Facebook. Social media has taken on new importance. I haven’t started doing live events of video chatting on Zoom, though.


Many of us are more aware of the importance of our health. That is one of those important things that we give priority to but healthcare is limited at the moment. Doctor’s appointments are by telephone and I now use the NHS app to order many of my repeat prescriptions. I also have a hospital appointment that has been postponed yet again and will now be done by telephone.

Art and photography

Art and photography are important to me so I’m going out and taking photos once again. It’s not quite the same. I have to take a mask with me now and I’m wary of those people who feel they have to approach you and ask why you’re taking photographs. I tend to see them looking now and try to avoid contact before they even try to approach me.

Important things

Food and drink are on my list of important things. I’ve done some nice meals and experimented with my salads and often have a glass of Bordeaux red with my dinner. Food is the one thing I can regularly enjoy, so why not? I’ve Seville marmalade to have on toast at breakfast and Hartley’s blackcurrant jam for afternoon tea. Small bars of free-from chocolate are a regular treat too now. I’m even growing some food. I have runner beans climbing canes and tomatoes growing bigger with the rain.

Perhaps when this threat to civilisation is over we should remember what the really important things are. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on Twitter for links to my latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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