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The isolation blues #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Yesterday,  Tommy Robinson’s Neanderthal fan club dragged their knuckles down to London to cause trouble. They need a taste of what it’s like to be behind bars for a while. They were chanting as usual which, like singing, can spread the virus. That is one super-spreader event that might do us all a bit of good. Hopefully, the police protected themselves against the virus.

isolation blues

Out of lockdown

I might be out of lockdown but I’m still isolated although I have the option now to form a ‘bubble’.  From tomorrow people must wear “face coverings” when they are on public transport or in hospitals. I think it might be wise when people are in close contact with others to wear a fluid repellent face mask. An absorbent face covering will absorb the virus-laced fluids and people would then be breathing through a virus impregnated face covering.

Nikon D750

Yay, my camera is back home where it belongs. I might even make the most of my freedom and go out and take some pictures today. I have run out of things to photograph around my house and garden. I think I might photograph the more interesting streets and any building that looks interesting. I’ll be taking a few photos over again because I deleted all my early photos by mistake. I must be more careful.

Social distancing

I have to be careful today and try to protect myself from people who have no sense and can’t do the 2-metre social distancing. They are not aware, despite the government messages, of their responsibilities to themselves and others.  They go out in search of cigarettes and alcohol and defy the lockdown and have sent that so-called R number back up to one. It’s worse in inner cities, perhaps because we all need a drink just to live here. I’ll try to take some photos in an open space where I can see them coming!

Isolation blues

I suppose I have the isolation blues because I don’t care any more. Let them go out and demonstrate and catch the virus. Let them destroy our heritage and culture, after all, they were never part of it. They are on the fringe of society and the fringe of normality. Black or white, if they are on the streets or the beaches or protesting in Hyde’s Park; they are part of the problem and not the solution. I think we are at the stage now where it is survival of the smartest. We have to try to stay safe by being smart and being alert to approaching morons who still haven’t got the message.


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