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The lockdown blues #life

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thought with you. I’ve been in lockdown for over 8 weeks. I’m on day 59 and I’m starting to feel a little constrained. I usually go out and take photos on a Sunday afternoon and I would like to be out and about today but we need to beat this virus. In Wuhan, they have decided to test everyone now in an effort to find the asymptomatic carriers. I would have thought there would be an easier way of isolating people who were infected but finding asymptomatic carriers is more difficult. They need to isolate everyone who has been in contact with anyone who has had the virus. I seem to be getting the lockdown blues but it must be much worse in Wuhan.

lockdown blues


I’m still recording my time in lockdown with pictures and poems. My poems were quite chirpy but I think my mood isn’t so good today. It will improve this week as the weather improves and I can spend time in the garden. I’ll try to fill my green bin today even though I can’t remember whether it is this week or next when they collect them.

Lockdown blues

Lots of people are Googling “weird dreams” and I have had some weird dreams too. It is because the virus is an existential threat and so we draw on all our resources in an effort to survive. There were people in Hyde Park yesterday protesting against the lockdown. They are just too stupid to understand the threat. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Jeremy Corbyn’s brother was arrested. Some people just like to be contrarian and will join any protest for a bit of fun. When you look at all the stupidity it does make you despair and wonder if this will go on forever.

A new normal

We may have to just get used to a new normal of trying to avoid the invisible enemy. Of course, we will have to avoid the people most likely to be asymptomatic carriers. They will be the people who have close contact with a lot of people. I’ll be avoiding anyone who deals with the general public like checkout staff in the supermarkets. Older people have poor immune systems but we are the least likely to catch it now.

The economy

If the government uses so-called ‘helicopter money’ to recover from this crisis then we should recover quite quickly and without the need for austerity. Another dose of austerity might well plunge us into another crisis. The Brexit divorce bill will have to be paid in US dollars or euros, we can’t just print money to pay that bill. It’s enough to give you the lockdown blues just thinking about it. They still intend to build that white elephant, HS2, as well.

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