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The many art forms #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so I share my thoughts with you, once again. What’s on my mind this morning? I have been thinking about the many art forms this morning. I saw a nice photo on Instagram that was taken from the window of Walsall Art gallery of the frozen canal. The basin was partly frozen over and the towpath was covered in snow. They have workshops in the gallery ‘creating’ art and now they have finally created a picture that I really like. They probably don’t see it as art and won’t bother having it printed or putting it on display but the fact they put it on Instagram suggests they think people will like it. Shouldn’t that be the test of art? Should it be something the people of Walsall like or should it be something some ‘expert’ in London thinks is ‘amazing’? Here is my snowy picture:

art forms

Art forms

I won’t have my picture printed either but it is prettier than that canal scene. I took my photo at just the right time with a DSLR which makes a difference. I was trying to create art, not just take a snap.


Writing is an art form too. I have been trying to create images from famous quotations for the Darlaston Writers’ Group Facebook page. I missed the meeting of Darlaston Writers’ this week. I doubt if anyone else went either. I had to stay home and monitor my plumbing which was thawing out. I’m pleased to say I have survived the sub-zero temperatures with no burst pipes. I’ll have to get a slight leak fixed and a dripping cistern but I was lucky.


Music is an art form too and though I can’t create music, I can appreciate it. I like most forms of music but prefer classical because the best of it has survived hundreds of years. I have also discovered that music that I don’t much care for, is much better if it is performed live. I’m still figuring out why I like live music.

Drawing and painting

I’m not very good at drawing or painting but that is where a lot of art began. It was the skill of the artist that gave people pictures. Now we can create pictures at the touch of a button but there is still some artistry in creating a photograph. We admire the famous artists from the past who gave us images that told us a lot about their time. Now it is our time and we have even more art forms that we can use to record images for future generations.

The movies

We can make videos now that record our time on this earth for future generations and we have a wealth of movies from a vast industry that will be shown for years to come. These video recordings can benefit mankind and show the horrors of war and inspire people to lead better lives. It was movies that showed us that there were different places and cultures and was a driving force in the demand for overseas travel and holidays.

These various art forms are important in people’s lives. Whether their homes are decorated with art direct from the artists or a cheap print. It is all art and gives us pictures to look at and movies to enjoy.

That’s it for today. I can go out today and take photographs and create my own art!

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  1. Hi Megan, I just wanted to start this out by telling you that your blog post is great. I”m currently in school for marketing and event planning so I have been checking out blogs of all sorts. From the event planning student”s point of view the thing that I”m looking forward to the most is the fact that I get to see how it is all set up. I”m excited about that. From woman’s point of view I”m excited about Organic Hemp Botanicals being there. Not only do they have bath bombs (which I”m addicted to) they will also be bringing with them some of their gummies. The gummies seem to be the only thing that can help me with my anxiety and my PTSD. Sorry I rambled on. Have a great day!

    March 8, 2018 at 05:34

    • Hi,

      Actually, my name is Mike. The link at the end of your comment didn’t work so I deleted it. I have PTSD too, it is hard to resolve isn’t it? Good luck with your event planning. I’m doing that too, I’m involved in planning a nostalgia afternoon in a Victorian Park at the moment and arranging meetings for an arts festival in 2019.

      March 9, 2018 at 09:32

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