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The many uses of photography #photography

I remember a few years ago, a photographer on television saying that photographers could no longer earn a living because everyone has a camera now. Of course, everyone has a camera for taking snaps but few people would rely on a camera phone for their wedding photos. There are still plenty of opportunities for photographers. I’m admin of the History of Wednesbury so I’m aware of the need to record our history, as it happens. Before Christmas I photographed the buildings in the town centre before that are renovated and I often photograph events in the town.

many uses of photography


I also create these montages that can be quite effective and carry a message. I like this four seasons one. After the recent snow, we can look forward to the tulips and daffodils of spring. The spring equinox is just over a month away. I am looking forward to warmer weather and my second covid vaccination. Results of the vaccination programme in Israel look very promising but we must proceed with caution. I’ll be out taking photos and getting some exercise but I won’t be getting close to people.

Dark days

I coped with those dark days of winter and carried on taking pictures. I used wider apertures, raised the ISO and adjusted the white balance to compensate for those cloudy skies. Photographers have better cameras and more control over them and can cope with dark days. I also used my Speedlight more for shooting indoors.

Many uses of photography

There are many uses of photography and so a photographer needs to be versatile to make a living. I see myself as more of an artist than a working photographer. I take photographs for myself and for other people to see. I don’t take photographs simply for clients. I have a lot of freedom and can go where I want and shoot what I want. For the professional there is wedding photography, food photography, commercial photography and shoots with fashion models. For many, wedding photography is the way they earn a living and that can be supplemented with studio work. Newspapers and magazine always need photographs too but they frequently use photos taken by amateurs now because it is free or at least cheaper. It is true that experienced amateurs and taking work from professional photographers occasionally.

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