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Redhouse 033

That’s Redhouse Park in the picture. It’s about 6 miles from here. I didn’t really want to drive that far, but I’m running out of things to photograph here. People seem fascinated by travelling. It must be some primitive instinct.

Is this fascination for travelling, why people go exploring? Is it the reason why emigrating and holidays are so popular? The problem these days is no one wants to walk to where they’re going. They want to drive, go by train; even fly and that uses precious energy. I personally think energy usage should be rationed in some way. Some people use too many of the earth’s resources for their personal pleasure. This is the problem with paying people obscene amounts of money for sitting behind desks, they then go out and spend that money. Even if it’s only popping around to Starbucks for their coffee, it’s still using precious resources. Those Arabica coffee beans don’t fly over from Columbia all by themselves. Perhaps, we should have a maximum and a minimum wage? What would be fair though? A minimum of £8 an hour and a maximum of £40 an hour would seem fair. The chief executive of my local council earns about £80 an hour and some bankers with their bonuses earn ten times as much. It’s not just pay, some of them get multi million pound pensions too. No wonder the country is in debt. The woman who runs the national lottery make well over £500 an hour. That’s more than many skilled men earn in a week for doing a proper job. I wonder what she does all day? Does she call someone in and asks them to organise a draw for Saturday night? She probably gets some underling saying, “not again!”

Meanwhile, more celebrities are being accused of doing naughty things. If a guy feel a woman’s leg it’s indecent; if a woman feels a guy’s leg it’s incredible! I can’t see any women getting arrested somehow. I remember a mountain climber being asked why he had climbed a mountain and he said, “Because it’s there.” I think he did it, because he could get away with it. That’s the reason many people do things. Muggers and shop lifters don’t expect to get caught. Celebrities and members of parliament think they can get away with outrageous things too. We have police and a legal system to make sure people don’t get away with too much. It’s unfortunate that some politicians and bankers seem to be above the law. Asking politicians to make a law that makes being a prat illegal is like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas…

It’s the Queen’s speech in parliament today. The Prince of Wales will be there learning the ropes. It seems that a bill will be introduced that amongst other things, will stop illegal immigrants getting driving licences and stop landlords letting property to illegal immigrants. I know it’s too little, too late; that’s politics. It should free up a few spare rooms…

That’s the lot for today, thrifty stuff tomorrow… Please use the comments box to share your thoughts…

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