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The need for opportunities for all


I’m feeling my age this morning, maybe it’s the weather. It’s dark and miserable and it’s not even winter yet. I was awake early and so missed out on some sleep. I crawled out of bed uttering the usual “Oh, God” as the cold air hit me. I really should put my clean underwear on the radiator to warm up this weather. I’ll try to get in the habit of doing that as winter approaches; there’s nothing like pulling on a clean warm pair of boxers on an cold icy morning…

The weather is a bit changeable. I never know what to wear, we are always too bloody hot or freezing our whatsits off. Happiness is about our perception of the future. On a cold morning, my perception of the future is, another God awful boring day to look forward to. Then I look at what other people have to look forward to like going out to work in the cold and damp, then I think it could be worse.

I plug my laptop in, put the kettle on and then I’m raring to go… Fuelled up with a boiled egg and a nice cup of tea, I get down to the strenuous task of checking my email. There is an email asking me to log into my Lloyds TSB bank account, because it’s for the journey. I don’t have a Lloyd’s TSB bank account… It’s a scam and then there is spam, everything from offers for kitchen knife sets to get rich schemes. It seems everyone is trying to make easy money…

It is easier to make money when you have opportunities to learn, acquire skills and then use the knowledge and skills that you have. In Britain that often means knowing the right people. There is all kinds of discrimination these days. Success breeds success. I saw jobs advertised  yesterday for doctors and nurses. The jobs for nurses had top pay of around 28,000 and the doctors over 100,000; why the big difference? Are  their knowledge and skills so different? Many nurses earn average pay, for above average skills.

There appears to be plenty of opportunities available for those that don’t need them, but few opportunities for the people who are really in need. Societies around the world are top heavy, money and power promotes more money and power.

I would like more opportunities. I want a weekly column in a newspaper, magazine or on a website where I can do social comment, be sarcastic and a little facetious. I would also like an art gallery to print and frame my better photographs and attempts at art and do an exhibition with them.  It’s not asking much is it? We could have a premiere at the art exhibition with champagne and canapés! Maybe, end it will an art auction to make me a few quid… 

We all need opportunities. I read a speech by David Cameron the other day, where he banged on about his dad being disabled and people needing to aspire to better things. People do aspire to better things and they are denied opportunities and then they give up. They often end up at the doctors, completely messed up and on anti depressants. When the X Factor ends, despite all the talent, there is only one winner. There is always an elite and never much effort to make everyone a success. It is always about competition with each other, not about cooperation with each other. We live in a divisive, antagonistic society where people aspire to be, not a specialist that can serve the needs of others, but part of an elite that is served by others.

Do you have any thoughts on how society can be made fairer and less top heavy? Please comment, you could even have a go at writing a guest blog. Published on a zillion ideas, might look good on your resume.

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