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The need for recognition and respect #life

We often think that money will solve all our problems and we concentrate our time on solving problems rather than taking action to improve our lives. We need recognition for what we do and respect from our peers. We need to accept that these things are important to us before we can take action to improve things.



We do tend to chase life’s glitter and forget to enjoy the simple things. We often need to stop and think about what we really enjoy in life and try to appreciate the basic things more. We need to appreciate our friends and colleagues more and as we give them the recognition they need so they might reciprocate. Recognition brings about respect, when we are recognised for what we do, respect tends to follow.

Art and photography

I’ve been concentrating my efforts on art and photography and promoting them using social media. I’ve decided to promote my photography as an art more and become more focused and collaborate more. It is our relationships with like-minded people that brings about the recognition that we need.

That’s all for this week. If you would like to see more of my images you can find them on my Facebook page.

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