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The need to invest in the future. #ramble

The weeks seem to pass quickly and Sunday comes around so quickly once again. So, as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. It was an interesting week on the stock market that saw the share price of Verona Pharma more than double. They are testing a respiratory drug but not one that will be useful in the fight against Covid-19 but it is an important drug. It’s good to see investors supporting the development of new drugs. We need to invest in the future, not just our money but our time and expertise. That is the only way the world will recover from this pandemic.

invest in the future

Art and photography

I’m into art and photography and so this week I’ve been practising with watercolours and watercolour brush pens. I’m not very good at either drawing or painting but I have a go! I’ll go out today and do some landscape photography but I’m not sure where I’ll go. I have been looking for interesting street scenes. I find Victorian building interesting and we need to photograph them before they disappear.


I have had the feeling throughout this pandemic that we aren’t being told everything. I learned this week that adults pass the virus to children more readily than the other way around. It seems most of the transmission is through saliva. Maybe it transmits to children as the saliva falls to the ground. Maybe it is just because adults are taller than children? Perhaps they should be checking the height of people who get infected? I also thought that cheering fans at sporting events in the early stages of the pandemic could be passing the virus to people in the lower seats in front of them. They were possibly creating a viral cloud of saliva droplets as they cheered. The same might be true of choirs that have become infected with the virus.

Invest in the future

The government now expect National Savings and Investments to raise more money to help with government borrowing. They need to encourage retirees to save more. Maybe raise interest rates on NS&I deposits? We have a shorter future than the young ones but we want it to be financially secure. British companies need investment now too and that could be made easier. I checked out an investment app this week on my phone. That seems like a good idea. We are willing to invest in the future but we expect a return on our investment.

Nice and sunny

It’s nice and sunny this morning but it might be too bright for photography. It’ll be OK for taking photos of buildings so that will probably be a good option today. My health still isn’t very good so I won’t be going too far. I tend to be drawn to the canals. They can be quite scenic. Last week, I photographed a hospital building and a school. I hope I can find something more interesting this week!

That’s all for today. I shall be writing about photography on Tuesday. Hopefully, I’ll have some new pictures to use. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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