The next generation and the ones after that #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. I have decided not to do this blog after January 2021, this is the beginning of the end! Google and the other search engines now favour large companies that spend lots of money on advertising. I could resort to all sorts of tricks to get traffic and add advertising and affiliates to my blog but I’m too old to be ambitious now. I’ll settle for what I have and be ambitious in other ways. I aspire to a quiet life these days!

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Latest news

The latest news about covid is there is a new major outbreak in China and it is spreading fast in some European countries. I was surprised that some European countries are talking about lockdowns just for the unvaccinated. The vaccinated can spread covid too. Maybe they feel it is time to punish those who refused vaccination? There are now 80 new cases in Wednesbury, 202.6 per 100,000 people. So hug someone today and the chances of catching covid from them is 500 –  1? I find it strange that they said the odds were 60 –  1 nationwide. The data is a bit confusing but in England the daily cases appear to be around 30,000 so we should still be cautious.


I had my booster jab this week and my doctor kept his distance except while actually doing the injection. I was a bit unwell and achy yesterday so I think I got a good immune response. I’m set up for winter! I won’t be taking any unnecessary risks. I will invite my family for Christmas but we’re all vaccinated and boosted!

Golden opportunities

The gold price has risen driven by fears that covid could surge out of control again. That could be an opportunity for investors? Gold is the commodity of panic and one you should have for the worse case scenario. Fortunately, I think we will battle this pandemic and win in the end. We need to invest our money, our ingenuity and our time in building a better future.


We all share our history and it gives many of us a sense of belonging. There are those who try to rewrite history because it doesn’t support their nasty political views. There is much in our history to regret. Today we remember the fallen of so many wars who gave their lives for our way of life. Our way of life has many faults, of course and we need to change it. The fight goes on and we all need to do our bit to make our world a better place for this generation and for the next generation and the ones after that.

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