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The next priority #life

I’m still taking a break from writing about finance and investments, it is no longer my top priority. I don’t see any great investment opportunities. I’m fairly sure there will be small interest rate rises on the other side of the Atlantic but for now, I can’t see much competition between nations for investment money so interest rates here will probably stagnate. That means we are unlikely to see a rise in the value of the pound against the dollar. Opportunities could lie in watching for takeovers of British companies especially FTSE 250 companies but I don’t see an obvious target yet. In dollar terms, most FTSE 100 companies seem over-valued. Anyway, it is time for a cute picture:

setting your top priority


It seems the fox that visited my garden yesterday has mange and so I’ve been considering how to treat it if it comes back to visit. This is not my top priority in life but sometimes we need a diversion from the important things. I need to consider my next priority in life because there isn’t much I can do to improve my investments at the moment or my finances. My spending is a lot less than my income. I’m saving money, so there isn’t a problem. Art and photography are important right now. This week I took my picture to the art gallery for inclusion in an exhibition that will start next month. That is a step in the right direction, I want people to see my pictures.


I think it is good to have ambition and want recognition for something. I publicise and promote things using social media and so I will promote my photography and art. I’ll try to promote next year’s art festival too. I haven’t been well for a long time but things have been worse over the last year. I have made my health the top priority but there is room for other things. The importance of art in my life is quite esoteric. Over the past week or two, I’ve been using some photos as inspiration for poems. The writers’ group I joined this year wants to publish a small book of poetry so I’ll try to contribute a few poems.


Everyone should make their health their number one priority. Money usually comes high on the list as well. The family should come high on our list of priorities too, we can often take them for granted. We should stop sometimes and consider what is really important to us. Taking stock of priorities and our values every now and then can make our lives better and it is more fundamental than making money.

That’s it for this Friday post on ‘life’. I’ll post again on Sunday and do my usual ramble about life. What will be on my mind this week?

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