The omicron anagram #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. By some weird coincidence omicron is an anagram of moronic. Throughout the pandemic I have used the term moron to describe those people who complain and campaign against restrictions and vaccination on social media. Their stupidity is driven by right-wing groups that are mostly in the US. They are the gun-toting morons that voted Donald Trump in as President and when he lost the last election they refused to accept it. Those right-wingers voted for Brexit and look how that turned out and many are led by that US financed moron who goes by the name of “Tommy Robinson” to make himself sound more working class.


The Park Inn

Today’s picture is an unusual one for me, I zoomed in on the Park Inn with my 300mm lens to take this picture because I knew a picture of a pub would spark a conversation on social media. I was too idle to walk down the road and take a picture! It did, in fact, spark a conversation on Facebook. There are not many free houses in Wednesbury and traditional pubs have largely disappeared. Apparently the Park has now been sold for a sum in the region of £300,000.


I think the delta variant of the virus is prevalent in Wednesbury, although I wouldn’t be surprised if omicron was spreading too. In one area of the town where someone organised a Christmas party last Christmas for 50 people, the virus is so prevalent the council has issued a warning. It is the worst ward in Sandwell and still people spread disinformation and think they’re alright because none of their moronic friends haven’t caught it yet. They are the guinea pigs in the government’s herd immunity experiment yet they think vaccination is an experiment! Bozo is allowing the bodies “to pile high” with 1,000 deaths a week now. By the end of winter there will have been well over 150,000 deaths from covid, many more suffering and millions of deaths around the world.


Bozo Johnson is telling us to have a “normal Christmas” with parties and nativity plays just like he did last Christmas. Everything will be fine in his Pepea Pig world of private medicine and privilege. On the council estates of Wednesbury, things are a bit different. If we get sick, we call the doctor and we’re 15th  in the queue. Catch covid and you might have to wait hours for an ambulance when you can’t breathe. Anyone who believes that they won’t be on their own and left to care for themselves when they catch covid is really moronic. We still need to be cautious and stay safe. I’ll only see people in my “bubble” and there will be no parties.

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