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The postcard saga #life

Yes, the postcard saga has taken another step towards the ridiculous. My little competition to see which picture was the best one for a postcard was featured in the Sandwell Chronicle. It made page two, no less. I didn’t get the credit, though!

pick a postcard

Top or bottom postcard?

Members of the History of Wednesbury group had to choose the top picture or the bottom picture. I still like the top one but I can see the mistake I made in editing the bottom one so I’m a bit biased. I’m not sure whether I will have the pictures printed as postcards anyway. I would normally expect offers to help me sell the postcards, I will have to sell about 500 just to get the printing costs back. I have had no offers of help so far but in certain quarters I am less than popular. I have been advised that I might be being marginalised. I think that is a political term for being ignored by people who can’t take an adult attitude to life. I’ll just have to find another way to sell them.


Anyway, my fellow admin on the history of Wednesbury page got the credit for the postcard idea and she is quite pleased with that. I thought she might pay for the printing but that was too much to hope for! Tina is my second cousin, we share a great-great-grandfather so we can share the rewards that come from being on page two of the Sandwell Chronicle. Blood’s thicker than water. I did check to see who the journalist was who wrote the story being as she didn’t take the time to check her facts or respect my copyright on the photo. I did find her Facebook page and we had a mutual friend, my great-niece who has just started writing for the Express and Star. That changes things, she’s a friend of the family!

Anyway, I think I’ll be out taking more pictures today. We have sunshine!

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