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The power of images #photography


This picture of the two churches overlooking where I live will be recognised by people living in the town. It’s an iconic image even at night and one that can be seen miles away. When we see the churches we know we’re home.

We are all born with an innate ability to recognise images and so images play a vital role in our lives. We see images as representing safety or danger; natural or unnatural. Advertisers and people in public relations know this and try to manipulate us by using images. Even religion uses images and has done for thousands of years. Images are powerful, they influence us more than we like to admit. We are bombarded with images these days, both still images and moving images. Using images to convey a message is an art that is quite complex. The renaissance painters knew the importance and power of images just as photographers do today. Artists understand the power of still images, of 3D images like sculpture and these days moving images are an art form too.

I use my photography to convey messages and influence people. I think I do so in a benevolent way, but images can be used in a malevolent way. The Nazis of World War two portrayed Jewish people as little more than animals using cartoons and drawings. Both still images and moving images are used today by newspapers and the media to portray certain sections of society as sub-human.

For the small business or community organisation, the use of images to promote a positive image can be very useful. In the past, this was done through newspaper advertising, but now it can be done more effectively via the internet. Social media and websites of all descriptions have changed the game. Public relations, publicity and advertising can be coordinated with an array of images making a small organisation appear in a different more positive light.

I’ll end today with some images. What does each of these images say to you?  You can follow this blog using the widget at the top of the sidebar or simply follow me on twitter for updates. If you live in my community and your business or community group needs a change of image; then get in touch. I might be interested.

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