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The power of positivity #life

It is one degree below freezing this morning and I’m struggling to find the power of positivity. I am trying to think positive, though. The odds are in my favour, it is more likely to get warmer than colder. The forecast says it will be warmer this afternoon. It is easy to get depressed in winter, they call it seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I bet someone took weeks thinking up that acronym. I’m going to post a sunny picture up to make up for my slight negativity.

The power of positivity

That’s better, there is nothing like a sunny picture of West Bromwich to boost the power of positivity. Seriously though, we can get into the habit of thinking negatively. Trying to think positively isn’t as easy as you might think. You think, “I might win the lottery this week” and it doesn’t come true and you’re back in a negative frame of mind. To think positively, you have to consider people worse off than yourself and then consider actions that might help them. I became aware of people worse off than me and decided to buy extra food for my food bank contribution. That gesture will help others but it also puts me in a slightly more positive frame of mind. I’m making a difference, it might be a small difference but it is a positive difference.


Christmas is the season of goodwill and it should really reinforce the power of positivity. It has become something of a commercial enterprise, though. Can we put the goodwill back into Christmas? Can we be nice to people, try to forgive and use the power of positivity to spread good cheer? Well, we can try, simply by making an effort. I admit my effort this year will be a weak effort because I’m not well but we can at least do our best. Many of the things I usually do around Christmas, I have cancelled. I hope to go to the spoken word and music evening in the library next Tuesday and I’ll be a Santa helper in the library next month. Both those events depend on the weather being milder than it is right now.

I do isolate myself from the negativity to a certain extent. I don’t buy newspapers and tend to see news online and usually from the BBC or Guardian. I do get crap come up on social media from the Corbynistas and the Tommy Robinson Fan Club but I tend to ignore it and even snooze the spreaders of such garbage for 30 days.  Such extremist views are depressing but I try to remember such nut-jobs are in the minority. Now there is a new Fan Club devoted to such weirdos’ as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson who also wallow in negativity and promote division.


We have to reject such extremism and recognise that some people have strange beliefs. I think both Jacob and Boris have too much testosterone coursing through their veins and it is affecting their brains as well as regions closer to the ground. We have to embrace the power of positivity and reject the nasty people who would have us live in a perpetual state of anxiety and depression.

Think Positive

I shall think positive and look forward to the future and a successful 2019. I have a few plans for 2019 and they won’t involve anyone remotely like Jacob or Boris. I’m banishing such people from my life.

I think I’ll end with some pictures. Photography is a really positive influence on my life, I’ll even be out in the snow taking pictures! If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar.

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