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The power of social media influence #politics

There is something of a revolution going on in politics with major splits in the Tory ranks and now a big split in Labour between the moderates and the Corbyn supporters. MP’s have left the major parties to join a new independent group and Labour councillors who have been deselected are talking of standing as independents. The extremists causing the divisions seem to forget that these councillors have influence and in particular social media influence.


These influencers have contact with the people through their voluntary work, their surgeries, through Twitter and through Facebook. It will be those who can use social media most effectively who will be a success as independents. Many people will look to the Green party and the Liberal Democrats if their Labour candidate is a far-left Momentum candidate and it is also true of the Conservative party if they field a far-right candidate. The results of the elections will be less predictable.


Social media influence is about engagement and Labour councillors understand that better than those on the right-wing of politics. Facebook is more effective than Twitter when it comes to engagement. Your tweets will be read by your colleagues, Facebook posts are read by your supporters and voters.

Business page

A business page on Facebook is a good idea for reaching voters and the name of the game is engagement, so you need to post every day or better still several times each day. You must read comments and build the engagement slowly. Facebook groups are less effective and are really for the back-end of a campaign. Have a linked group for active supporters who are willing to help with your campaign but it is the business page that should attract would-be voters.

Social Media management

Social media management is now a degree course in some universities. You need to understand communication and the psychology of social media. You also have to be aware of all the little tricks that can improve engagement. You also have to give up some privacy and manage your social media persona and online persona. This will be a steep learning curve for some candidates while others already have some experience.

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