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The power of suggestion #psychology

Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion but we are influenced by suggestion all the time. That advert with its familiar jingle is a nudge in the right direction as far as advertisers are concerned. Advertising is a huge industry and they don’t spend billions of pounds for no result. Social media is now a powerful force that can influence us to buy all manner of products as well.

power of suggestion

The power of suggestion

Why have I interrupted this post with an image? That is suggestion too, a very gentle suggestion and because it is barely noticeable it is subliminal. I publish a lot of pictures and the thing people notice about them is my copyright notice, even though it is so small. Some people get annoyed about it and others sort of congratulate me for getting my photos published in the newspaper. Some people are pleased with my success while others are envious and resentful. It is the latter that concerns me because their negativity can be suggestion too and spread like a nasty virus through the community where I try to be community photographer giving my time creating positive images. Positivity can improve a community and make people happier. It can make the local business community more successful and local workplaces happier places to be.

An epidemic

Anxiety and depression have become an epidemic in society and negativity is part of the cause. People blame the European Union for many problems but it has produced regulation across borders and laws that provide us with human rights and rights at work. If there are things wrong we could talk about them and try to fix them. We could even have left the EU without any conflict but the desire to win saw people tell barefaced lies to persuade us to leave and others scare mongered to try to get us to vote to stay in. Whatever is right or wrong, it is the way they did things that caused people anxiety and worry. It also caused arguments in homes and pubs across the country. It was divisive and the negativity caused widespread anxiety.


What motivated people in that particular disagreement? Where they motivated by the need to get the best outcome for their country or the best outcome for themselves. It was, sadly, the latter. It is always the latter. I try to use my talents to improve the community I live in by writing, managing social media and photography. Do I do it simply to make the community better or is there a selfish reason? Of course, there is a selfish reason. I enjoy it. My selfish reason does, however, align with the community interest so I don’t feel too guilty about enjoying my pursuits.

I use the power of suggestion, you can judge whether I am any good at it. I don’t force any view on you, I simply nudge you in a positive direction… There are pushy people who don’t know how to nudge – beware those people.

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