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The power of words #ramble

The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 is The Power of Words. I have been aware of the power of words for many years. We can not only tell people things, we can show people things with powerful words and descriptions. There are so many boogie men in our lives. When the lights flicker, is it a change over on the national grid or is it some restless spirit anxious to communicate their evil intent. There have always been those who try to control us with scare stories about the boogie man.

The Nazis

The Nazis really were the boogie man but Hitler’s powerful words encouraged people to believe that the boogie men were the Jews. When fear and hate were whipped up there was a tide of hate and people were swept along on it and the unthinkable became thinkable and then they began acting out the unthinkable: genocide.

Are they crazy?

Yes, Hitler and his henchmen were psychopaths and we also have to consider the kamikaze pilots of world war two. They were swept along in a religious and cultural frenzy that made them sacrifice their own lives. Kill myself for my country? Are you nuts? That should have been their reply. We see the same sort of thing today when Taliban fighters detonate suicide bombs. We see horror when ISIS burn people to death. We must always stop and think before following the crowd and pointing the finger without proof and we should certainly never support inhumane acts. We left burning people at the stake and punishment without trial in the dark ages.

the power of words and images

The power of words

Yes, we have to consider the power of words, they can elicit some weak-minded individuals to imagine boogie men and when a few weak minds band together they become a mob. Images also influence but in a different way and that is why photography is on my mind this morning. There is a memorial service for the victims of the holocaust, that terrible manifestation of the rule of the ugliest mob. I don’t really have words to describe how much I hate it when people band together to bully the more vulnerable in society.

I hope my images of nature can help heal minds scarred by such ugliness. I hope art can at least give a respite to people who are troubled by dark memories. Psychopathic tendencies are still evident in our society. There are still people who wish to control us, to have power over us and to bully us into their way of thinking. We must resist. Passive resistance is the only answer because we cannot become like them, we cannot descend to their level. We must always try to reason with them. There is a point when we are faced with a suicide bomber and have to protect the innocent when dispassionate acts of violence are the only answer but we should always beware of passionate pleas for irrational aggression.

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