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The psychology of images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and certainly you can create an impression with an image. Images are used to send out messages to the general public all the time by PR companies and the media. The message can be very subtle or it can be one of high impact. Words accompanying the image also add to the message. The psychology of images is a subject every photographer should be interested in.

psychology of images


What does this image say to you? There is a blend of the old and the modern and the trees add a slightly natural look. The Victorian clock tower dominates and adds a sense of history and tradition. The blue sky is even more dominant than the clock tower and defines the image as a summer’s day in town.

The psychology of images

The psychology of this image is quite different and shows a very modern part of the transport system. There are other messages and hints too. Even the colour scheme of the tram appears to have been carefully thought out. The colour scheme is in the process of being changed to give a different corporate image. The image they try to convey is one of a slick modern transport system but how different is it from the tram systems built by the Victorians?

Story to tell

Every image has its own story to tell and there is a subsequent effect on the viewer. People enjoy looking at pictures but they can also be horrified by them, amused by them or disgusted by them. The psychology of images is complex and it is powerful. Images have a powerful effect on us all as we are bombarded with images everywhere we go.

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