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The quality of the light #photography

The quality of the light greatly affects the nature of a photograph. I have photographed artists on stage under coloured lights and obviously a blue light make the artist look blue and a pink light gives the scene a pink glow. I photographed the Tipton Canal and Community Festival on Sunday which had more or less finished because of the rain.  The dark clouds gave the scenes a dark greyish look. You can alter the white balance to compensate for the greyish light and of course you can compensate for the lack of light by increasing the ISO and shooting some wide aperture shots but the images have a greyish tinge and I would have preferred a sunny day!

The quality of the light

The quality of the light

Even though the quality of the light was poor, I was very pleased with how my Nikon D750 performed. This shot was at ISO 200 and although it’s a bit dull, it’s not a bad shot. Many of the more brightly coloured narrowboats had left and so I didn’t wander around too much. I always find they make for more interesting shots when they’re moving.

Indoors shooting

We have music and spoken word in the library this evening so I’ll be shooting with a higher ISO setting and I hope to shoot some video. The D750 shoots quite good video but I need to keep the camera still so I’ll try using my monopod this evening. Video is just another way of recording our social history and is more appropriate for musical events.

Art Cards

Some photographers do photo books and prints. I do art cards because I live in a deprived area called the Black Country. It is not just the lack of money that is the problem but a lack of culture. People just don’t think about visiting art galleries or taking time to get involved in the arts. They are too busy with everyday living and entertainment usually means somewhere with alcoholic beverage on tap so they can unwind after a stressful day. I shall probably order two more art cards to be printed next week ready for Christmas. In the long run, they will be an investment. I did recover the print costs of the first set so I’ll try again!

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