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The reassuring value of security #finance

In some countries, it doesn’t matter whether you rent or buy your home but in the UK buying your home is more popular because it gives you security. Savings in the bank give us security too, as do investments. This security reassures us that we have assets that we can call on if there is a major crisis and it also reassures those close to us and the bank that we might borrow money from.


If the economy was to completely collapse then many believe the only safe asset would be gold and silver. Buying silver is unpopular because they have to add VAT to the price and little circulates in the private seller market. So many have some of their investment in gold. Gold tends to appreciate when the pound depreciates. The price of gold in GBP terms is high now compared to before the Brexit referendum. Small investors can buy a few gold sovereigns if they want the security of knowing they will have something valuable in the event of an economic meltdown.


Some investments will never be sold, their purpose is just for security. For having an option in a financial emergency or crisis. It is like life insurance, we hope we will never need it. It is my view that we would have a much stronger economy and a more secure nation if the government encouraged people to invest in our industry and commerce. We would have a stronger economy because of that investment, there would be fewer defaults on bank loans and banks wouldn’t need such high reserves. The cynic might say, the government prefers us to feel insecure so we will work for less pay. Insecurity can also lead to addiction. At the end of a stressful day when a person feels their job and livelihood was at risk, it is common for people to reach for a drink and that can lead to addiction to alcohol. Insecurity can enslave us.

This week

This week, my financial security slipped a little with my stock market investments losing a little value but overall I increased my assets slightly. After the steep rise in the share price of Immupharma, I think the price was bound to slip a little as some investors took profits. The rumour of a takeover bid for a small AIM pharmaceutical company probably helped keep the price high and Verona Pharma gained a little this week too. Overall, my profits from my stock market investments are 40% up on last month when things weren’t looking very good. I’m happy to be making some progress.

New Ideas

This site is called A Zillion Ideas because I am always having new ideas. Most people spend their days communicating with their colleagues and their evenings and weekends communicating with their family. They have little time alone to think. I have too much time alone to think and so I get lots of ideas. My idea to follow the GBP to US$ pair and the share price of a US company seems to be a good one. When the share price increases and the pound drops, the price in GBP is significantly increased and so that would be a great time to sell. I shall continue monitoring. I think the pound will depreciate when the Americans increase interest rates and then start to appreciate when the Bank of England responds with an increase too.

Next week

Next week, I expect the pharmaceuticals to continue to rise. Tesco seems to be making progress. The problem again is security. Investors need to have confidence in Tesco’s ability to put its problems behind it and get back to business as usual. A lack of confidence and security crashed Carillion’s share price and they paid a dividend that they couldn’t really justify. Now they intend to raise capital by selling off the healthcare section of the business. They need to reassure the market and their bankers to see a share price recovery. Brexit has made everyone nervous and it came on top of memories of the 2008 credit crunch. Lloyds Banking Group looks undervalued. I see the share price going to 100p or even higher and Barclays seems too low now too. Interest rates rise could see both shares appreciate in value. I will stick with Lloyds but have been tempted to buy Barclays.

That’s it for this week, Immupharma gained another penny while I have been writing this and I think it will appreciate more next week. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links and more on my Facebook page.

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