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The rise of covid

Covid-19 cases are rising again exponentially, so we should ask why? We can’t just blame people for not obeying the regulations we have to look at the enforcement of those regulations. There have been claims that there is a lack of leadership from the Prime Minister but is it more than that? The centralisation of power in Whitehall seems to be part of the problem with local public health teams having to wait for a directive from central government before they take action. The rise of covid must be stopped by fast local decisions and actions.


The spread of the virus has increased since schools reopened. In the area where I live, it seems likely that the policy of allowing parents to choose which school their children go to is playing a part in the spread of the virus. The virus isn’t spreading in infant and junior schools where children tend to go to the nearest school to their home. It is spreading in high schools where children often go to school by car because they don’t go to the nearest school. In fact, many children go to school by taxi. One small area where covid is rife has a large immigrant community who are affected worse by covid that the rest of the population. They are still able to travel to countries that have infection levels even higher than us and we can’t be sure if they quarantine when they return to the UK. Then they send their children to a school miles away and it will often be a school the child chose because all his friends go there and so the virus spreads exponentially. Hopefully, we will see schools close at half-term and other measures such as pubs closing for at least 16 days to create a break in the spread of the virus. The government could even ask older people to shield again for 16 days. That would help to protect the NHS.


Why are people still going overseas on holiday? Why is the government allowing travel to infected areas? The economic contribution of the travel industry is important but the industry must contract. Some airlines will have to go out of business unless they can adjust and downsize. The era of cheap overseas holidays is probably over. Covid could be around for years and the holiday industry needs to look at better holidays and safer holidays. The government needs to get a grip now and stop travel to all countries where infection rates are rising or are unacceptably high.

Mental health

I haven’t had much contact with other people since March although, to be honest, I don’t normally have much contact with people. Is this bad for my mental health? The answer is yes and it is likely to continue until next spring. I’ll try to keep a positive mindset but I despair when I see the morons demanding on social media that restrictions are lifted. Many of the comments on social media seem to indicate that people are having trouble accepting what is really happening and some comments are downright paranoid. There is a mental health crisis that we need to accept is happening too.


We have to accept too that the NHS is trying to catch up with its routine work. We also know that people have been reluctant to seek treatment for serious conditions like heart attacks and even cancer. We can’t bury our heads in the sand and deny the facts. We have to stem the rise in covid and we have to consider how to address other problems related to it. We need leadership at the national level and at the local level. We need a long-term recovery plan. The government has been pragmatic throughout this pandemic but it needs to act faster. Boris needs to get a grip.

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