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The Saturday review

There is snow forecast for much of Britain and so I’ve used a summer picture to start today’s post! We have to look forward to spring and better weather. Many people are preparing their gardens now for spring.

Surviving the cuts was yesterday’s post about surviving the governments economic cuts. This winter might seem hard, but it’s quite a mild winter. Imagine a really cold winter with even less  money to pay the bills. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Thrifty food ideas was Thursday’s money saving thrifty blog. We all have to think about having our own austerity programme and saving money.

Writing for an emotional response was Wednesday’s blog. Whatever you’re writing, a job application or a novel, you want a response from the reader.

Neodigital Art | winter photos was Tuesday’s art and photography blog using some winter photographs from last weekend.

Actions speak louder than words was Monday’s psychology blog. There is some truth in these sayings…

Child benefit | Who should help whom? was my Sunday ramble and I’ll be writing another of those tomorrow…

I’m hoping to stock up on a little food, just in case it does snow this weekend. Try to keep warm wherever you are.

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