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The spirit of Christmas? #ramble


I went out into Wednesbury, the town I live in and photographed the ‘Christmas’ lights last night. This is the town ‘square’, the lights are a little hard to spot. They are better than last year too, but not good enough.

Christmas is a time when people spend their money. They aren’t spending much on the High Street because of the image the High Street has, one of run down shops and nowhere to park.


This is the High Street in the early evening. A traffic jam and nowhere to park. The traffic jam is caused by a bad road layout and a closed slip road on the nearby motorway. Is the local council engaging with shopkeepers to foster a Christmas spirit? The answer is no because centralisation means there is no longer a ‘local’ council. They only issue edicts these days, they don’t listen.


The council sends out surveys asking if we feel safe on the streets. I’d have felt safer if all the street lights were working. They have put up a few Christmas lights and street lights are off and even the lights on the town clock aren’t working. Regenerate the High Street and town centres? They aren’t even trying.

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