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The Sunday lunch ramble, rich and poor

Blackpool panoramic type

Today’s photo was taken by Simon James and I’ve cropped it and added the text to it. It looks like a postcard! This is my usual ramble on a Sunday, when I have little to write about and so ramble on about whatever is on my mind. At the moment that’s lunch!

I hope to take a few photographs today while the sun’s shining. I was looking careful at this photograph and it has a lot of patterns in it. We naturally look for patterns in life, patterns are important. We recognise patterns from an early age, that’s how we recognise people. We look for patterns without even knowing that we’re doing it. I’ve been noticing patterns when I check stock market prices.

We have computers doing everything these days including high-speed trades on the stock market. If someone is selling shares, the price can drop quickly and then all the computers start selling to stop losses. The markets are really volatile as a result. I’ve been watching these swings and I think I could make money out of it! I think the problem is with stop-loss trades, they are selling when the price falls. I would favour programming computers to sell when the rise rises and buy when the price falls, but who knows how the minds of city traders work.

It seems that the traders who work for the big hedge funds are making millions and they get a 20% bonus on what they make  too. They do have favourable terms and a lot of information from companies. I suspect their computers keep buying certain shares though and that makes the whole market like a Ponzi scheme. They think they are making money, because the share prices keep going up, but the actual profitability and dividends of the companies don’t warrant such a high share price.

The world of finance is a little strange. Those that need money the most find it harder to borrow and pay the highest interest rates. This applies to governments like Greece and to poor people going to pay-day loan companies. Once your credit rating is seen as crap,r you get screwed by the rich. There is a lesson to be learnt there, don’t become dependant on help from the vultures. I’m pleased to say, I have no debts and lend money through Zopa, but even I’m not too keen on lending to people with a poor credit rating. I wish I could lend to people who are on low incomes, maybe through a credit union. I’m getting less than 6% through Zopa and even an interest rate three times that and similar to what people pay on a credit card would give me a return on investment after bad debts and still give people a much better interest rate than pay-day loans. Maybe, the Greek government needs ordinary people to buy it’s bonds and not investment funds and bankers?

I have friends who are rich and I have friends who are poor. Not all rich people are greedy, but the greedy tend to become rich. We need less greed in the world and more account taken of need. We do need to give people an incentive to invest and innovate. Some people would say that people need an incentive to work hard, but few people really work hard in the UK any more. The hard work is done by machines, even the counting at the checkout is done by computers. ‘Word hard’ is the mantra of the rich when talking to their minions.

The world is divided by race, culture and wealth. Today is Remembrance Sunday when it is time to remember the dead of so many wars, it’s hard to remember them all. Greed causes wars, so less greed means fewer weapons and fewer wars. Tolerance and charity also means fewer wars and so please try to be tolerant to people who are different to you, whether it’s because they are from a different culture or they look different.  The season of goodwill is approaching and you could make an effort to join in and be a nicer person, at least until the new year.

The Conservatives in Sandwell want to suspend parking charges over the festive season. I won’t be able to park at all then, you tossers! 

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