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The taste of art #ramble #art

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Too much, as usual! I have done the 19th daily challenge from 64 Million Artists this morning. I’ve bought a Yongnuo 50mm prime lens and I’ve been testing it this weekend so I used that for the challenge. The challenge was “The taste of Home” so I photographed my breakfast. The resulting image is just “the taste of art”.

a taste of home

A taste of art

I would have preferred to photograph the whole breakfast table and perhaps added a bowl of gluten-free cornflakes to go with that gluten-free toast. Unfortunately, I don’t have a breakfast table. I don’t eat gluten-free because it’s fashionable, I do have coeliac disease. I started the fashion!

Going out

I shall be going out later to take photos but which lens should I take? I’m inclined to think I’ll use the 28 – 300 more but I do want to put the Yongnou through it’s paces. So far the Yongnuo has been quite good but I have noticed aberrations on the edge of the frame at wide apertures. It’s not as good as my Nikon 35mm prime lens. It’s a little foggy today which isn’t always a bad thing for photography. I can get some strangely misty pictures especially on the canals.


A number of experts are warning of another world recession or worse a depression reminiscent of the 1930s. They say this is like the roaring 20s with the rich ‘enjoying’ their wealth a little too much. The rich do have too much and there is far too much personal and corporate debt. I’m considering steps to protect myself in case we get soaring inflation. It’s soaring food prices that would probably affect me a little and possible fuel and energy. It’s a good idea to have a few quid in the bank that will act as a buffer. The governor of the Bank of England is predicting more QE, maybe 400 billion of it, which would increase asset prices and cause some inflation.

A taste of marmalade

What do you think of my taste of art? I swapped my usual drizzle of honey for Seville marmalade this week. I don’t think it raises my blood sugar like honey does but it made a change. I’ll buy some more runny honey this week. I need lots of fruit and veg too. I have to look after myself, no one else will!


I’m concerned about the environment but I have also been thinking about my personal environment. I’m going to spend a little money making it nicer. The garden isn’t too bad once the lawn is mowed but I intend to make it better and maybe grow runner beans again. I’m going to spend money on decorating the house too and maybe put a taste of art around my house for something to look at as I pass each day. My living room has quite a few pictures around it and I have a few to hang when I get around to it. I might devote the hallway to historical pictures. I’ll put a lot of art in my bedroom, it will be something to look at when the television gets boring!

That’s all for today. I’ll be writing about photography on Tuesday and so expect that to be a review of the 50mm Yongnuo lens.



I’ve just remembered I can add adverts to my blog. If anyone clicks that advert and buys a Yongnuo I’ll put the money towards my next art project! The Nikon equivalent is £199 so it’s OK for the money. That advert for the Nikon is showing the wrong price. When it comes back into stock it’ll be £199.

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