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The things people did in lockdown #life

What did you do while you were in lockdown? Sales of cakes went up and many people were taking the time to make tea in the afternoon. Traditional afternoon tea became quite a trend. I tried to document my lockdown in pictures. I took pictures around the house and garden and even documented my meals which became healthier. I shared my photos in an art group on Facebook. Lockdown is over now but we still have to minimise our outings and employ social distancing and wear masks. Will our behaviour be permanently changed?



Besides taking photographs I ordered some watercolour paints and brushes. I also ordered some artist’s coloured pencils which I used yesterday to draw this picture. I have a long way to go before I can draw or paint anything and call it art but at least I’m trying. Just before the lockdown, I redecorated my bedroom and it is looking much better now. The decorating is clean and yesterday I fitted a new headboard for my bed. Unfortunately, I broke my bedside lamp but I have spotted a LED replacement that I will put on order.


Kingfisher which owns B&Q and Screwfix reported increased quarterly profits today that reflects the boom in DIY during the lockdown. Some of those DIY projects seem to be continuing or need to be finished. Perhaps people noticed that things needed doing because they spent more time at home?


People have been using technology more to work from home and to keep in touch with family and friends. Will this be a permanent trend? The internet companies are trying to take advantage of it by promoting fibre broadband. Services like Zoom for video links have also played a part in lockdown linking MPs to the Commons chamber. I have been tempted to upgrade my internet but my provider tends to have poor quality routers and I don’t want faster internet and poorer Wi-Fi. I have ordered myself a PlayStation 4 to keep me amused through the winter when not going out could still be the safest option.


Did your life change as a result of lockdown? Will some of the changes continue now life begins to get back to normal? I did grow a few things in the garden and have tomatoes growing in large pots. I would like to grow more things next year. I suppose many people will see life change if there is a post lockdown baby boom! 

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  1. I printed hundreds of photos which I had never got done before. Amazingly my Canon printer that hadn’t been used for a few years worked flawlessly.

    July 22, 2020 at 10:36

    • Sorry, I missed this comment. I don’t get many! Printers can be tempremental so I rarely print any pictures. I am thinking of printing and framing some to put up in my newly decorated bedroom, though. I have a HP photo printer that prints great but the ink cartridges are expensive.

      Thanks for commenting.

      July 27, 2020 at 14:29

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