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The week in brief


End of March 2012

We had a few things to talk about this week. The weather was unusually mild for the end of March. In England we usually have our heating on until the 1st of May and it’s not always warm enough in May to turn off the heating. My ‘death or glory’ investment in Premier Foods was doing well on Monday and Tuesday briefly touching 18p a share before dropping back to just over 16p. I bought at 4p and so I’m happy. They doubled in January and made more ground this week and I expect they will do well again before the year is out. You have to try to make a quid.


Then came the stupid advice from the government in the light of a vote by tanker drivers over pay and pensions; that might mean a tanker driver strike. The government came out with conflicting advice that included topping tanks up when they got to half empty and storing fuel in jerry cans. Predictably, someone set themselves on fire. There was chaos and people queued for fuel. There was also profiteering as service stations hiked prices. Imagine how bad it will be if there is actually a strike?


I’ve had problems with this blog, mainly because the font size keeps changing. I upload my post and I am never sure if it the font will be large or medium when it’s published. I want medium and I now hope  I’ve fixed the problem. I’m still posting blogs on WordPress and so have to try to write more than one a day! I could have moved all my WordPress posts here, but I have subscribers on WordPress and so I think a gradual change might be better. I am getting a few readers slowly, but please share and help me get the website off the ground!


I heard from my local health trust; I think it was from them anyway. The Newsletter didn’t make a lot of sense. It’s full of acronyms and they have clusters and stuff. It seems they are forming a new trust for primary care. It won’t be called primary care of course; that’s way too simple, we might understand it! The government is making changes that I suspect will lead to more administrators. The one acronym that they don’t use is BS, but the newsletter was full of it…


There will be a few people hoping to win the lottery tonight. There are so many people in debt now, having put their new Ipads on their credit cards. You need to win a lottery jackpot to be comfortable now according to some people. I’m comfortable, I have food and warmth and can afford to run a car; when we have petrol for them! The biggest decision I’ll have today is what to have for lunch and dinner. Some people in the world have to decide where their next meal might come from.

Bank Holidays

It’s April the first tomorrow, that should be interesting. Then it’s Easter next week, we have the May Bank holiday on the 7th of May to look forward to, then the Spring Bank Holiday and Diamond Jubilee day off on the 4th and 5th of June. That will be four days off in a row; they’re spoiling us. The motorways and roads will be horrendous that Bank holiday. Incidentally, the union has said there will be no tanker driver strike over Easter, so stop storing fuel.

Please help make this website a success and ‘share’ with your friends on the social networks and do comment.  I also need guest bloggers and you don’t really have to be experienced. If you write a blog and email it to me to Mike @ (leave out the spaces). I’ll edit, if it needs it and maybe add a photo unless you send a photo blog (attach photos to the email). I can always refuse to publish it, if it’s really crap! I wrote guest blogs last year and it’s not a bad way to start writing and blogging.

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