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The week’s round up

Bentley Mill

Sunshine in England at last! It has been a interesting week with mixed news, good and bad and the weather has been the same, here in England. At least some of the economic news has been a little better. I wrote a few interesting blogs and only missed one day. Yes, there was no blog on Wednesday!

Surviving financial disaster was my blog yesterday, the tips could help you avoid financial disaster. I should be advising governments!

Innovation and invention was my blog on Thursday. The world does need more innovation and invention and we definitely need more here in Britain. That blog was innovative and interesting anyway!

Neodigital Art | Editing for effect was another popular blog on art and photography. You can be quite innovative when you edit photographs to produce art.

The affects of colours was Monday’s psychology blog. Why do we wear bright colours when we are on holiday and black at funerals? Do they reflect and affect our moods?

Weather, we like it or not was my Sunday ramble and about the weather and other things that were on my mind.

There are more amazing blogs on the home page. Please comment and have your say or even ask a question. I still need more writers for a zillion ideas. Fancy having a go at blogging? The email address is in the sidebar.

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