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Things that money can’t buy #finance

I’m quite thrifty and frugal and don’t waste very much. As a society we need to think about how we spend our money and what we spend it on. The litter pick last weekend revealed that we are a throwaway society. The litter collected was mostly food packaging and plastic bottles. We need to be more thoughtful and a advertising campaign by the government could do a lot to help.

Things that money can't buy


Our whole attitude towards consumerism needs to change. We need to stop thinking about short-term solutions to problems and short-term consumerism. When we buy goods we need to buy quality that will last a long time and not waste the earth’s resources. We need to move towards using more natural materials and away from plastics. We need to recycle even more.


Most people are emotionally insecure. The insecurity extends to self-image and that drives the fashion industry as people try to attain a better self-image. We need to think more deeply about who we are and move away from trying to appear in a better light. We need to be better people, not just appear to be better people. The up-market car doesn’t make you a better person. People in authority could start a conversation about what makes you a better person and take the lead. Just saving more of our money and giving more to worthy causes would be a huge step in the right direction. Having a healthy bank balance does help you feel more secure and safer.

Things that money can’t buy

We need to think about the things that money can’t buy, like friendship and value those things more than money and possessions. We tend to talk about places we’ve been, holidays and problems. When we talk about people it is often in a negative way. We don’t value our friends and colleagues enough.


Next time you go shopping perhaps you will think about what the effect on society you’re having and shop more sustainably. Perhaps you’ll think more about friends and the community you live in. We can all contribute in lots of little ways to make society better and the world a better place.

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