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Things you might like to try on the internet

Woden Road Wednesbury

This web page has it’s own URL, that is the uniform resource locator. The URL is like an address where pages and other things are on the internet. You can see the URL in the address bar of your browser. I just went to Wikipedia and got the URL of their wiki  about the subject and then pasted it to make that link at the beginning of this paragraph. Being able to highlight the URL in your browser and then right click and copy, enables you to paste it to other locations.

If you double click the picture above that will come up on it’s own page with the URL of the picture in your browser. You can highlight that, right click and copy the URL to the the clipboard on your computer.

When you go to Google to search for something, you can search for words, but at the end of the line where you search for words you will see a icon that looks like a camera, if you click to search for images. Click the camera and it allows you to search for an image. There you can paste in the URL of an image or even upload an image and ask Google to search for that. This has a couple of uses for me. I can search for an image similar to one I have on my computer or one that I have the URL for or I can search for one of my own images that are copyrighted and see if anyone is breaching my copyrights.

I also use Google maps a lot and Street view. If I find a place on Google maps by asking for directions and then click the chain link icon on the left of the page, it gives me the link to that page on Google maps. I have just pasted that link from my clip board and it shows up in blue on this page. You can now click that link and see where I went taking photos. The map shows my route from A to B. If you click the B icon it gives you the option of using Street View. Street view will show you Forge Lane and you can Forge Mill Farm there where I went to take photos! On the map you can see the lake too.

I use Google Chrome as a browser and can highlight a word on a webpage and then right click and it automatically searches Google for that word, very fast for doing research.

Other stuff you might like to try is chatting using the internet, this can be text, voice like on the telephone or using voice and a webcam. I use Windows Live instant messenger. That is free and part of Windows Live essentials. That link is for the Windows 7 version. You can also get it for Windows XP, that is the 2010 version. Be careful to get the right version. Also included in that is Live writer, which I am using to write this, Live photo gallery which I use to edit photos, Live mail and movie maker.  That is a useful suite of programs and free!

I hope today’s tips help you use the internet a little better. Please comment and you will find more amazing blogs on the home page of a zillion ideas.

2 Responses

  1. Tin Eye reverse image search is good for finding sources of images.
    You can get a plug in for the browser you use so you can right click on a photo (not thumbnail)

    October 19, 2012 at 12:13

  2. Hi Carol,

    Thanks. I’ll try that. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting and the comment.

    October 19, 2012 at 14:07

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