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Think ahead to save money #thrifty


Where I live in the heart of England the weather has been quite mild for the time of year and so hopefully we will have smaller energy bills this year. It’s still autumn, though, so we don’t know what winter will bring. It’s worth doing warming meals like stews and wearing sensible clothing to keep warm.

There are all the root vegetables for stews and casseroles in the shops now. I bought carrots, swede, onions and parsnips to make a chicken stew this week. The Aldi parsnips were good this week, quite small and tender. I bought the mushrooms too they went well with my bacon and eggs.


The super-six at Aldi this week are romaine lettuce (2), cox apples, persimmon (3), baking potatoes (4), parsnips (600g) and large flat mushrooms (250g). They are all 59p and the offer continues until 19th November.

I’m a coeliac so I can’t eat sausages unless they’re gluten free. Aldi does have gluten free sometimes and they are delicious. I still have some in my freezer.  They are great with baked potatoes when it cold and that’s quite a frugal meal.

The top special buy at Aldi today is a food mixer and other special buys are mostly for the kitchen too.  The Eva sparkling juice drinks have a drink aware warning on them, but they are actually non-alcoholic. They might be worth buying for people who would like a non-alcohol drink at Christmas.

The Sunday special buys this week include lots of children’s clothes.  I went to Aldi on Tuesday and there was a lot of new stock in. There was yarn for knitting which I told a friend about. I bought frozen French fries which I tried and they are great in my Philips air fryer, cooking golden brown in just 10 minutes.

Aldi French fries

I think I overcooked the bacon a little! I have started having the reduced salt bacon, it tastes much better. The mushrooms were nice and it’s quite a frugal meal as well as being tasty.  I cooked it in 10 minutes.

Winter and Christmas

So far I have bought one Christmas present. I have started to stock up on food and drinks for Christmas. My freezer is packed with food in case I can’t get out in bad weather. My car passed the MOT and was serviced yesterday so that should be good for the winter too. A little thought can save us money through the winter and keep us warm and comfortable. I keep my car well maintained and drive quite frugally. I bought it in 2004 and it’s been very reliable and will certainly last another year. It has cost me about £1,500 a year over the 11 years I’ve been driving it, which I think is quite frugal. That includes depreciation, insurance, repairs, tax, breakdown cover, MOTs and petrol! I think it will last a few more years, it has new brakes and tyres now!

I obviously think ahead to save money. I want a new flash for my camera and have checked them out and the Neewer ones seem the cheapest and best value for what I want.  I intend to check out reviews before I buy because there are lots of different models and specifications. Professional Speedlight’s from Neewer are much cheaper than the Nikon ones so I think I can save money.

That’s it for this week. Happy bargain hunting! If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

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