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Thinking about the weather #ramble

On a Sunday, I ramble on about whatever is on my mind. Today, it’s the weather amongst other things. We might have a little snow later this week. It’s cold this morning so I might have to sort out my Arctic gear!

I often go out and take a few photos on a Sunday but the weather has been awful just lately, just nonstop rain. It’s about 3 C today, but if I wrap up in my thermals I can keep warm. I have no idea where I will go today, but I want to take some photos of the Victorian building in the town.

London Stock Market

The stock market dropped 5% this week and just as we thought things couldn’t get worse, George Osborne made a speech. Well, he has to blame somebody and it looks like he is going to blame anyone but himself.


Also on my mind is my retirement plan. In fact, I’m thinking about writing about retirement. It seems we stay healthier if we keep our minds active and we get a little exercise. I’m keeping my mind active and I’ll be walking about taking photos later. Diet too is an  important factor when it comes to looking after your own health. I’m trying to eat a fairly balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables.


Traffic always seems to be on my mind, I hate traffic jams but it should be quieter today. People will be reluctant to go out in the cold and it is Sunday. This is my favourite day of the week to go out, so I’m determined to make the best of it.

I’m rambling more than usual this week. I think it’s time to just give up and look at some pictures. All the recent pictures are on my Facebook page. I nearly forgot, more people are following me on Twitter now. I’m getting quite popular! You can follow me on Twitter too.

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