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Thinking about the little things #Wednesbury

I’m going shopping today and so I’ll add to my box of food for our ‘Breaking Bread’ food bank. While I think it is ridiculous that we need food banks in a country as rich as Britain we have to help because we can’t change government policy. My small contribution will help and it is the little things that count.

Wednesbury - thinking about the little things

Little things

Little things like taking your litter home with you help make the town litter free and a pleasant place for visitors. Little things like supporting community projects help make it a better place to live. There is an art exhibition starting in the library soon. I have been asked to review exhibitions in the past. I’ll go and review this one anyway! I’m not sure why we have to have art exhibitions in libraries when we have an art gallery but we can’t change council policy so we can at least support those who are trying to add a little culture to our lives.


The Citizens Advice Bureau give advice in the library from 9:30 to 4:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays – just drop in. The councillors hold surgeries every Saturday from 11 to 12 noon. There are lots more going on in the library including the History Society meetings (1st Tuesday of the month) and the poetry and music evenings on the last Tuesday of the month. You can get a leaflet in the library about everything that is available.


The Friends of the library open it in the evenings and make the tea! The friends of the library make an important contribution to the town as do Friends of Brunswick Park and I think the art gallery and museum has a similar group. Other community groups offer little projects that help the community too like the food bank and many of those groups were represented on the Remembrance parade on Sunday.


One of the little things that are the highlight of the year is that switch that switches on the Christmas lights in Wednesbury. I know they aren’t exactly a beacon of hope for the Black Country but we have never been ones to show off in Wednesbury. They will be that subtle you’ll hardly see them. The big switch-on this year will be in the old market place. The entertainment will include the Glamaphones and Dayton Grey. Bring the kids early because there will be a Santa’s Grotto and other cool stuff for the kids. I think it all starts about 4pm and the big switch-on is around 6:30 pm.


We can all make a small contribution to making the community better and I’ll be at the Christmas switch-on taking photos as I usually do. I think it might be warmer this year but will it be dry? There are two pubs close by where I can go to get warm and dry so that’s not so bad! It’s those little things that make life easier!

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