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This week at the coal face

American circus

I took this photo in the Walsall Arboretum extension in March, before the rain started. I am thinking of going back there tomorrow to the historic vehicle show. Come and say hello if you’re there. I’ll be the one with the camera! My blog yesterday was about, what you would do if you won the lottery. The jackpot on the Euro-millions rolled over yet again. I haven’t decided what to do with my winnings from last night yet. I think Paul McCartney was singing on BBC1 while I was watching the draw. I missed it. That was a lucky break in itself.

Euro-millions – what would you do?

Euro-millions what would you do? was yesterday’s blog. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with the six measly quid I won. I’ll have to think about it. I could just about manage to buy 4 litres of petrol with that or a few more lottery tickets. They should have a free go prize, shouldn’t they? People should pay me for these ideas. I have a zillion of them…

Free Days out for Kids

Free Days Out for Kids on Thursday was popular. It was well researched and it did include lots of pictures. If I get some comments, likes and shares on Facebook; I might do more of those ideas. We all like thrifty advice and information on saving money. I hope the historic vehicle show tomorrow is free!

How to write fiction | Moods

How to write fiction | Moods was about how moods and our environment affects our writing and what we write. I’ve been moody, I can’t get enough readers for my blog! This one is slow to gain readers, I need the word to spread. I also need subscribers who will share and actually read the blogs. I need to do something, I’ll get out in the sun tomorrow and then maybe I can write some funnies! 

Neodigital Art | The Oak House

Neodigital Art | The Oak House was another in my series of the ever popular Neodigital art blogs. Except this week, it wasn’t quite so popular. I thought the photographs of the outside and inside of a Tudor manor house would be popular. Maybe, that blog will be read as time goes on? If you are local to West Bromwich, that museum is worth a visit with your camera.

How to talk to your (inner) self

How to talk to your (inner) self was a little more popular and another blog in the series on psychology, written in terms everyone can understand. I might write about how to talk to the inner self other others this week. It can be useful to be able to influence the inner self or subconscious minds of other people. 

The female shopper

The female shopper by Fairy Dharawat was about the needs of female shoppers and how retailers can cater for the female shopper, as opposed to the male shopper. I went to the supermarket on Thursday and I get around much faster and I think I’m more immune to sales gimmicks. I think colours do influence shoppers. I seemed to buy a few things with black labels. Like beer!

M. J. Webb has finished his third novel in a  trilogy of Jake West adventures. They are young adult novels and have been compared  to the Harry Potter series. That novel will be out soon, but in the meantime watch out for Jake West: Keeper of the Stones. You can find out about the first two in the trilogy on the website.

I’ll be writing more blogs through this week. There might be a Sunday ramble tomorrow and then the new week starts with psychology. Please comment, share or even click like!

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