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This week in review

Red House Park

I usually start each blog with a photo and today I have chosen one of Redhouse Park. I took a similar picture to this last winter and I didn’t feel well at the time and the light was bad. The photo needed lightening and turned out reasonable well. It was better than this one taken in summer, but the light wasn’t great in August either. The weather forecast for this weekend is better though and so I might go to Sandwell Valley yet again!

I didn’t have a very exciting week, but I did post a few blogs!

Yesterday was a frugal food blog and my recipe for chicken and celery soup. That was very tasty and most supermarkets in the UK still have celery. They have it in Aldi and Asda anyway.

I usually publish posts by Fairy Dharawat at the weekend, but I took a little time to edit and so it was published on Thursday. That was another excellent post for people who run small businesses o are even thinking about starting one. How can visual marketing boost sales? Is a good question that every business person  needs to consider.

Introduction, body and conclusion is a good way to construct any document and that was my blog about how to write just about anything on Wednesday.

Neodigital Art | down the river used photographs that I have taken along the River Tame. I have tried to offer a few hints to make your photos better in that blog. I hope to go back there this weekend if the weather gives me good light.

How to change your reputation was another in my series of psychology blogs aimed at helping you understand yourself and others and maybe make improvements. Reputation  is important to all of us and so you might find reading that post helpful.

A Sunday Ramble – envy was one of those posts when I just ramble on about whatever is on my mind. The subject is one that affects us all at some time or other. That human condition that we call envy can bring out the worst in us.

I shall probably be back with another Sunday ramble tomorrow. I intend to try to make this website an opportunity for anyone who wants to get a little experience of writing. It can be difficult to get published and everyone has to start somewhere. I did guest blogs for sometime, everyday before I started a blog on WordPress and then I started this site. I think I’m avoiding many of the mistakes I made on WordPress, although I’m still not sure about the font size! I often wonder if it would be better set at large rather than medium, but that would mean more scrolling down the page. I think a good decision was to use lots of photographs. I think I need more photographs, especially macro ones like the food photographs, but I keep trying to make improvements.

I hope you like the site and will share with your friends on Facebook and click like. You can also comment, I always welcome comments, it helps to know who my readers are. If you are looking for something in particular you can use the search box or the tag cloud or select a category. Thanks for visiting.

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