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I’ve struggled this summer to take decent pictures for my blogs. The constant rain and dark skies have made it challenging to say the least! Making the blogs interesting too is always difficult. I have been writing a dozen blogs since starting this one every week. My WordPress blog will be 2 years old next month and have page views in 5 figures and this one is still struggling because it’s only 6 months old. Most readers for this blog come from search and I don’t expect it to do well until we have more subscribers. You can subscribe using the box in the sidebar or tick the box when you comment.

I didn’t write a blog yesterday. It was a disappointing day, but I would like to thank the readers who visited yesterday; both of you! It’s not usually that bad, it was just a really bad day!

My featured blog is cutting motoring costs by planning journeys. That was a good article because I did the research and found I could save fuel by planning journeys. That is worth reading if your fuel costs are getting to be a bit much.

Recycle the kids was my blog on Thursday. That was ideas for keeping the kids amused with the stuff you would normally throw into the recycling bin. You can use allsorts of things, the cardboard tube from kitchen roll, newspapers, plastic containers, they all have a use if you’re a bit crafty…

Scientific mysteries was another of my blogs about how scientists uncover the mysteries of nature. We tend to think of science as opposed to nature sometimes, but even the most ugly building was built with materials that came from nature. I think there is a tendency for us to demand a little too much from nature though and the resources we take for granted are running out.

Neodigital Art | What is art? had some different pictures this week. I particularly like the monochrome ones of the motorway and the pub. I might be taking some photos inside a pub in  a few weeks time. That could be interesting and out of the rain!

How to increase your confidence is a useful blog. We all lack confidence in certain situations like appearing in public and so I expected that blog to be more popular. Maybe, I will have to make it the featured blog at some time?

So you think you can start a business? Was another blog by Fairy Dharawat. That is a good subject because we all wonder about starting a business at some time. You have to invest time and money, even then it’s a risk. I invested in this website 6 months ago and it will take years before I know whether it will be a success. I am aware that a few websites have been successful and have sold for millions of pounds in the past year. I don’t expect this one to sell for 80 millions, but check out the the sidebar. There is a huge black space in the sidebar suitable for advertising. I wouldn’t have down market or annoying adverts but informative ones would be OK. The same would apply for affiliates. Blogs are also sponsored and I would be interested in sponsorship from any company making anything like cameras or tech products that I could review. Someone please give me a DSLR and ask me to review it with a series of Neodigital Art blogs! I would enjoy reviewing smart phones, cooking equipment and so on.

That reminds me, I cooked chicken soup yesterday so I can use the recipe and photos for a frugal food blog soon. It cost about a pound for 1.5 litres. It tasted much nicer than canned soup too. Yummy!

You can write for a Zillion Ideas too. You need an idea or some expertise to write blogs. You could even use your photographs! My email address is in the sidebar, so just attach your blog and photos to an email and I’ll read it. If it’s reasonably good, I’ll edit it and publish it. You can be a published writer! We all have to start some where. I hope we will have more writers contributing soon. I have had more enquiries and have been promised some contributions soon.

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