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a landscape, Merrion's Wood

I took lots of photos last Sunday for my Neodigital Art blogs. What do you think of this one? I converted it to monochrome, but with a slight blue tint. It’s the enchanted woodland of Merrion’s Wood. Neodigital Art is about being creative with your digital camera, scanner and maybe a graphics tablet. In fact any digital device you can lay your hands on. It is fast becoming a school of art. If you search for Neodigital Art using Google, you will I have been promoting it for a few years now. Want to join in?

How to get a great promotional idea

On Monday I began with a guest blog by Fairy Dharawat, that once again explored the world of retail promotions with How to get a great promotional idea. If you have any kind of business or intend to start one that is useful.

Neodigital Art | Merrion’s Wood

On Tuesday I used those great pictures from Merrion’s Wood to write Neodigital Art | Merrion’s Wood. Those blogs continue to be popular. It is amazing the pictures that you can get if you look for different shots and go exploring!

How to become an expert winemaker | port and sherry

I continued on Thursday with How to become an expert winemaker | port and sherry and explored the wonderful world of making you own wine. If you like the odd drop of sherry or a port and lemon, you can make those too.

The Frugal diet | calorie free water

The blog on Friday was The Frugal diet | calorie free water. You can’t get no more low calorie than water! We have an epidemic of unhealthy eating and obesity in the western world and it makes sense to follow an healthy diet. Getting you 5 portions of fruit and veg a day can turn out expensive and so we also have to be thrifty and frugal about it.

I had less readers this week and missed my blog on how to write fiction. I am still writing my WordPress blog and that too had less readers. It is difficult to write two blogs a day, when I have few people reading them. Maybe, you would like to help the site get more readers by sharing with your friends? Just click the share button and choose the social media site of your choice or just click ‘like’, to like on Facebook.  You can also comment and say hello or ask questions.

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